Instructions for Navigating with a Keyboard

Screen readers and browsers have their own individual methods of handling navigation. There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach. This website has been tested with the NVDA screen reader due to its open source availability, browser compatibility, and robust ARIA support. 



Top Navigation (Button Menu)

  • Use the TAB key to access the top navigation buttons.

  • Once inside the top navigation, use LEFT / RIGHT arrow keys to navigate back and forth through the buttons.

  • When on a top navigation button, pressing the ENTER key will take you to that button's home page.

  • Each top navigation button (except for About Community Living and Programs) has a sub-menu under it. To access sub-menus:

  • Press the TAB key to expand a sub-menu:

    • Press the ESC key to collapse a sub-menu. Pressing ESC will return you to the top navigation button.

    • After collapsing a sub-menu by pressing the ESC key, using the LEFT / RIGHT arrow keys will take you back and forth through the top navigation.

    • Once inside a sub-menu, use either the TAB key or UP / DOWN arrow keys to navigate. Do not use the left/right arrow keys to navigate a sub-menu.

    • Press the ENTER key to go to any page in the menus.

  • Press the ESC key to return to the top navigation from within a sub-menu. From there, resume navigating the top by using the LEFT / RIGHT arrow keys.



Left Side Navigation (Tree Menu)

  • Use the TAB key to access the left navigation menu.

  • Pressing the ENTER key on a top-level menu item (denoted by a + sign) will take you to that menu item’s landing page.

  • On menu items with a sub-menu (denoted by a + sign), use the RIGHT arrow key to expand the sub-menu.

    • Use the LEFT arrow key to collapse a sub-menu.

    • Use the UP / DOWN arrow keys to navigate through the left navigation menu items.



Accordion Navigation (Expand/Collapse Content)

Accordions are found in the main text content of some pages on the site (denoted by a + sign), and contain expandable and collapsible content.

  • Use the TAB key to access accordions (note: accordions may or may not exist on any given page of the site).

  • To expand an accordion: 

    • Press the ENTER key. The content within the accordion expands and can be navigated by using UP / DOWN arrow keys.

  • To collapse an accordion:

    • If you have already tabbed to an accordion title and have expanded it by pressing the ENTER key, press the ENTER key again to collapse it.

    • Either TAB (forward) or shift-TAB (backwards) to an accordion title and press the ENTER key to expand and collapse.

Last modified on 05/01/2018

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