Aging and Disability Networks

The aging and disability networks are made up of local, state, and national organizations and committed advocates working to support older adults and people with disabilities. Some organizations focus on a particular type of disability, age group, or type of service, whereas others have a more comprehensive mission.

ACL helps support these networks and the programs and services they provide, including the following:

There are many similarities in the services and supports older adults and people with disabilities need in order to live independently. Increasingly, the aging and disability networks are working together at state and local levels, and ACL is frequently asked for help in forging these new collaborative relationships. Together, the communities have a larger voice and are more successful advocates than any of the networks on its own.  At the same time, the networks retain the unique elements of their individual missions. 

There are issues that affect both people with disabilities and older adults, and we join forces to address them.  However, there also are issues that affect only older adults, or only people with disabilities, and ACL continues to develop and manage programs and advocate for the individual populations, as well. 

Last modified on 11/08/2017

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