Announcement of a New Acting ACL Administrator and Acting Assistant Secretary for Aging

February 10, 2016

Upon confirmation of Dr. Thomas E. Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services, Mr. Dan Berger was selected to serve as the Acting ACL Administrator and Acting Assistant Secretary for Aging.

Mr. Berger brings a wealth of experience to this position. He has been an integral part of ACL’s leadership team since its creation in April, 2012. He has served as ACL’s Deputy Administrator for Management and Budget. In that capacity, he served as the Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer overseeing the administration of ACL’s financial resources; discretionary and mandatory grants; information technology and telecommunications; procurement and facilities services; personnel and human capital development; and internal control activities.

Before ACL’s creation, Mr. Berger served in a variety of budget and management positions within the Administration on Aging (AoA) and HHS. At AoA, he served as Director of the Center for Management and Budget, Director of the Office of Management Analysis and Resources, and Director of the Office of Information Resources Management. He entered federal service as a Presidential Management Fellow in 1997 and spent eight years as a budget analyst in the Office of the Secretary and AoA.

Mr. Berger is looking forward to the challenge of his new position, and states “While individual roles may change, the fundamental commitment we all have to the mission of ACL and to serving older Americans, people with disabilities, and their families and caregivers remains the same.”

ACL is grateful for the leadership of Mr. Edwin Walker who will now return to his duties as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Aging. In this capacity, he will continue to support ACL in focusing with our partners and stakeholders on enhancing options, supports and research that enable older individuals and people with disabilities to live independently and be engaged fully in their communities.

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