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ACL awards grant for National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging Grant to Meals on Wheels America

November 16, 2017

The Administration for Community Living recently awarded a three-year grant to Meals on Wheels America for continued operation of the National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging (NRCNA).

The NRCNA is working to increase the capacity of the aging services network to meet the nutrition services needs of a rapidly growing population of older adults. The Center provides educational opportunities, tools and resources that cover best practices and emerging trends in the fields of nutrition, aging, healthcare integration, and innovative business models. It also works to enhance the aging service network’s knowledge of the role of nutrition services in health promotion and disease prevention, as well as the scientific and clinical evidence that support both healthy meals and other nutrition services.

This renewed funding will enable Meals on Wheels America to operate the NRCNA through 2020, while expanding the depth and breadth of the training and information available within. Explore the NRCNA today, and check back regularly for the latest resources!

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Last modified on 11/16/2017

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