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In the News is a collection of news stories about aging and disability issues, as well as news stories about ACL and ACL programs.

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July 12, 2018
The Minneapolis Star Tribune (7/12, Serres) reports the Minnesota Department of Human Services has launched the state’s first online job portal that “connects people who need assistance with tasks, such as bathing, dressing and preparing meals, with caregivers who are looking for work.” The Star Tribune says state officials will roll out the new online job portal to Minnesota’s 140,000-person direct care workforce this summer and in the fall.
July 11, 2018
The Next Avenue (7/11) reports in continuing coverage that on Monday, President Trump signed into law the Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act which “will establish a Federal Advisory Council to support grandparents and other relatives raising children.” According to the article, HHS “will be the lead agency coordinating the work of the council.” The piece adds that “its charge is to identify, promote, coordinate and disseminate information about resources and best practices to help
July 11, 2018
USA Today (7/11, Zakalik) publishes a WFAA-TV piece which says Jake Grey, a Texas army veteran and his wife, Maria, are mulling “getting a divorce in order to qualify for Medicaid and alleviate some of the costs of their daughter’s healthcare.” Their daughter, Brighton, has “a rare chromosomal disorder,” and even though they are insured, “the Greys spend upwards of $15,000 a year out of pocket on her health care.”
July 8, 2018
NPR (7/8, Stone) reports on how chronic pain patients feel marginalized in policies intended to curb opioid abuse. “Faced with skyrocketing drug overdoses, states are cracking down on opioid prescribing,” and increasingly, “some patients with chronic pain ...
July 8, 2018
The Washington Post (7/8, Bahrampour) reports on the retirement community Asbury Methodist Village, which became the first Washington, DC-area facility “to receive LGBT-friendly certification from SAGECare.” The certification comes through a program which aims “to address the needs of the aging Stonewall generation,” given that “an estimated 2.7 millio
July 7, 2018
In a front-page article, the New York Times (7/7, Rau) reported most US nursing facilities “had fewer nurses and caretaking staff than they had reported to the government for years, according to new federal data” based on “daily payroll records Medicare only recently began gathering and publishing from more than 14,000 nursing homes.” Those records, analyzed by Kaiser Health News, “reveal frequent and significant fluctuations in day-to-day staffing,” an
July 6, 2018
The Des Moines (IA) Register (7/6, Leys) reported on the “scores of disabled Iowans who have complained about Medicaid managed-care companies trying to save money by cutting the assistance they receive at home.” The article highlighted Jamie Campbell of Fontanelle, Iowa, who is paralyzed from the neck down and lives in his home with daily assistance from aides paid by Iowa’s Medicaid prog
July 6, 2018
nTIDE press release (July 6) nTIDE June 2018 jobs report: downturn in jobs ends trend for Americans with disabilities
July 2, 2018
The AP (7/2) reports Nebraskans with disabilities and those who are at least 60 years old “can continue to receive services through a state program made permanent by Gov. Pete Ricketts.” The Aging and Disability Resource Centers “were part of a 2016 pilot program that was overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services.” The decision to make them permanent “was announced Monday.”

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